The Georgia State Marching Band is pleased to announce the 2015 student leadership team.

Drum Majors

  • Tim Chappell
  • Sid Dewan
  • Corey Gray
  • Laney Hudson

Section Leaders

  • Piccolo: Melissa Johnston and Marcus Moore
  • Clarinet: James Dinsmoor
  • Saxophone: Bryson Reese and Cole Smith
  • Trumpet: Josh Newby and Danny Niconovich
  • Mellophone: Libby Fleck
  • Trombone: Isaac Dolan
  • Baritone: Tyler Wilson
  • Sousaphone: Nick Hawkins and Sam Hutcherson
  • Percussion: Blake Benton and Blake Aldridge
  • Rock Band: T.J. Shaheen
  • Color Guard: Allison Haddock, A.J. Johnson, Karen Kay

Service Positions

  • Librarian: Ethan Watson
  • Props Chief: Miller Smith
  • Uniform Captain: Hannah Brooks
  • Media Specialist: Samantha Grimmett
  • Members at Large: Lindsay Ferris and John Martin